Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hey well looky there I'm blogging again.  I have had the honor of being involved with bringing concerts to the old FFC for the past 2 plus years, even more if you count bringing Apologetix in a few years back.  I've become the point man,lead person, liasion, whatever you want to say for FFC and our promoter Jason Rockhill of Rockhill Productions.  It all started with a phone call while I was at the radio station one Saturday, Jason called asking if I could promote a show of his on the air which I did and then we became friends on myspace, who all still has a myspace?  Anyway a few conversations happened then he asked if I'd be interested in hosting a show at Farmland and I jumped on it.  Checked with the proper people and we were good to go. 

Our first show was on June 24, 2010 with a band from Pennsylvania called The Letter Black.  They are on the Tooth and Nail label which if you know christian rock music you know that they are the leaders in that industry.  Had about 150 people at the show which we held in the gym and it was an awesome experience.  The band was rockin' the crowd was into it and the bug had bit me.  A few months later Jason came to me with the idea of bring Decyfer Down in but this time having the show in the sanctuary.  We got that going and had a show in the gym a month or two before the show to help raise a little money for that show with some local bands which indcluded a band from New Castle which I'll post a blog entirely to them later, called Protest For Pluto.  That show was fun as well.

On Sunday October 10, 2010 we had our first big show in the sanctuary with Decyfer Down, Protest For Pluto, From Ashes and Creating Constellations.  Had over 300 kids at that one and it was a huge sucess.  With each show we did we learned more and more like during TLB show we learned that we needed to sell drinks as people were leaving to go to the VP to get a soda.  The DD show we learned that moving all the chairs in the sanctuary was a pain to put them all back.  Just little things like that.  2010 ended with a band called Philmont playing the gym. 

2011 came and more shows with national acts Sent By Ravens, Write This Down and Icon For Hire headling a show in April which was a good one.  Later in the year July to be exact we got to bring in one of my favorite bands Disciple in.  This would be the first of three shows so far for them at FFC.  We had a few smaller shows in the gym in 2011.  2012 hit and we had the biggest show so far in early April with Fireflight coming in.  Had around 400 people for that one and it was a blast.  We also had Write This Down in again as well as Disciple and Ashes Remain.  Ashes only had about 40 people at it but man what a show.  Amazing musicians and incredible men of God. We ended 2012 with the first ever Farmland Fest headlined by The Wedding and Children 18:3 and 8 of the best bands from Indiana.  Doing these shows I have been able to meet alot of great people in the bands both well known and not well known.  We have seen Ashes 4 times now and each time since the show at FFC Josh the singer remembers us and we have a good conversation.

During the 2nd Write This Down show got to meet another great band from Indiana called Silver From The Flames which again I'll do a post on them later as well.  We are gearing up for a first at FFC when we, with the help of Rockhill Productions bring in both Disciple and Fireflight together on Feb. 5th and I can't wait.  Big thanks to Jason for inclulding us in on this ministry and to the church for allowing us to have these shows and to everyone who has ever helped out in any way. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Haven't blogged for a bit because quite honestly I forgot my password to log-in. Yeah I know write it down somewhere and that won't happen. Yes but what about when I have to change it? Oh I should write that down too? OK got it, now we're set, I think.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why don't I ever post anymore?

I don't really know except for laziness I guess. Blogging just hasn't been as exciting as I'd hope here lately but who knows it could all change again. We'll see.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another one off the list

Well Monday night I was able to finally after 5 or 6 years go and see Hillsong United in concert. They are one of the bands that I have not seen that I wanted to see more than any other and since they hail from Austrailia they only tour here once or twice a year and its normally for a few weeks. This year they came earlier in the year and hit major markets, then came back a few weeks ago for "smaller" markets and a few festivals, then they will be back later in the year for a few more smaller market cities, like Columbus Ohio and yes the thought has crossed my mind to go see them there as well but more than likely not. It was well worth the wait. Took Taylor, Cody, Matty T and Haley with me and we all had a good time and really enjoyed the show. I'll blog later more details on the show.

This was the 6th concert I've been to already this year, WinterJam at Ft. Wayne in January, Lincoln Brewster in Greenfield and Philmont at FFC in Feb., none in March, in April I saw Sent By Ravens/Write This Down/ and Icon for Hire at FFC and Lincoln Brewster again in Ft. Wayne and then United in Indy. Next month is Disciple at FFC and August might be another show at FFC then from there who knows, Illumination is in September in Greenville, OH, hoping that JOY FM needs me to help at that one since we play just about all the bands on Solid Rock Friday Nights. Now at the top of my list of bands to see is probably Demon Hunter or Anberlin. Who knows who else I'll see this year.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do you have an app for that?

Saw a commercial the other day where there is an app for you phone where you can start you car, really. Do we need that? What if you hit it by accident at work or something and your car runs out of gas, that would be funny as long as it wasn't you. It made me think whats next, will there be an app to flush your toliet, now that would be cool but seriously. It could be fun to play tricks on people who come over and have to go to your bathroom though. Is there an app to turn up people's intelligence? I know on the TV there is a brightness level but that doesn't seem to help some shows though. What about one to load and unload your washer and drier, dishwasher, cook supper, I could go on and on. Maybe I oughta pitch these to the phone companies. Anything I left out?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is this thing still on?

I thought when we got the internet back here at the house I'd be blogging and such but that hasn't been the case. Oh I've thought about it and had some things I'd like to blog about but alas laziness has taken over and I never did. Hopefully that will change and blogging will become fun and a normal routine again. I do know that I really like my job in Muncie and actually look forward to it, with the exception of the getting up early part. Been there about 8 months and enjoy it, it is alot of fun. Still enjoying the radio stuff too and the concerts at The Branches that have happened. I'll save all that for another blog sometime.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We're back.................

The internet got hooked back up today so its good to be back online, who knows maybe I'll start blogging again. Lots of things have happened since I last blog so I'll try and catch up soon.